1. How do I favourite an item?

Tap on the heart icon under the shop name and it will be added to your favourite list.

2. How do I earn my cashback?

You simply just need to spend at any of our participating merchants and capture your receipt within 7 days.

3. How do I withdraw my cashback?

In the app, go to your Account (1st icon from the right at the bottom of the app) and tap on on ‘Withdraw cashback’. Then fill in your bank account number and submit.

Please take note that minimum of $10 is required for withdrawal.

4. When will my cashback expire?

Good news! Your cashback earned will never expire in iShopAt app.

Accounts & Membership

1. How do I change my user ID/email/mobile number?

Please email us at support@ishopat.com.sg.

2. I would like to update my new mobile number but I am unable to edit in the app.

Please contact us at support@ishopat.com.sg to request for update of mobile number.

3. Do I have to pay a fee to use iShopAt app?

No, you do not have to pay to use our app. It is free for all. Simply go to App Store or Google Play to search for ‘iShopAt’, download and start using the app to earn cashback.

4. Can I delete my account?

Yes you can but only by calling our main office on this process. Do remember to withdraw your cashback (at least $10) before you delete your account as there will be immediate forfeiture of all sums in your account.

Your Cashback

1. I have captured and submitted my receipt but I do not see any cashback under 'Pending' column.

It will take up to 48 hours to see your cashback amount in the ‘Pending’ column.

2. My cashback amount is still in the 'Pending' column, when will I see it go into the 'Withdrawable' column?

It will take up to 60 days for your cashback to be reflected in the ‘Withdrawable’ column. This is to allow our merchants to validate the receipts and also to prevent fraudulent transactions.

3. How long will it take for my cashback to be credited into my account upon the receipt verification?

Please kindly allow 7-14 days after you have submitted your request for withdrawal.

4. What is the Bonus in my Wallet?

Bonus is a gift from iShopAt to our users to encourage them to shop more, experience more and get cashback. With every possible withdrawal, you are entitled to withdraw these Bonus together with your withdrawable amount.

5. Can I include my sign-up bonus to meet the minimal requirement of $10 for my cashback withdrawal?

Unfortunately no, the minimum requirement of $10 for your cashback withdrawal excludes the sign-up bonus. However, you will be able to withdraw your sign-up bonus once you have reached $10.